The committee concluded the investigation of Park Jong-chul, Kim Geun-tae, and the torture and corruption.

(Seoul=Newscast 1) Lee Yeon-jun, journalist and reporter Nam Keun-joon = As a result of a reinvestigation by the prosecution's past investigation committee under the Ministry of Justice, Park Jong-chul was under pressure.

The committee disclosed the findings of the investigation and recommended future measures.
Park Jong-chul, a high school student who tried to cover up the murder of two police officers of the 2nd anti-aircraft investigation team at the Great Depression on January 14, 1987, the end of the Chun Doo-hwan regime. At that time, the police publicly announced that they had died, saying, "I don't want to," which angered the public.

실시간배팅Previously, the committee judged the case as a case of the prosecution's failure to investigate or delay a criminal prosecution's investigation on human rights abuses by state agencies, and has conducted a reinvestigation through the investigation team.

The committee started an investigation to investigate the cause of death two days after Park's death because the prosecution doubted the police's will to investigate the cause of death, and started an investigation by investigating the intention to see the body for the first time.

However, it was discovered that the investigation was halted after the prosecutor general visited a meeting of related organizations, which included the National Security Planning Director, the Attorney General, the Interior Minister and the headquarters of the National Police Agency.

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