Spring 1st, Seoul 6th, chilly morning...Recovery of temperature from weekend

It seems like the season has suddenly changed. Mt. Seorak fell to minus 4.1 degrees and the first ice froze. It's 12 days later than last year. It suddenly got cold and felt like winter came very fast. 메이저사이트

The reason for the fall cold is the cold continental high pressure, and the jet stream from the upper layer has gone down to the south of Jeju, where today and tomorrow have a zero-degree air core over 1,500 meters. There's been a lot of reasons why the temperature went down and down again. It looks like he'll be recovering a little from Saturday afternoon.

Seoul will go down to 6°C Daegwanryeong -4°C Chuncheon 1°C tomorrow and stay at 16°C in low temperature. Saturday's low temperature will rise in all parts of the country, but it's not going to rise much anymore. Dry weather will continue for another time. The sky is clear today, and the radiated cooling effect will further reduce the temperature.

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