Like a date in a movie theater.Commercialization of SKT and SKB 'Oksu Social VR'

Up to 8 people from virtual space can enjoy video content and chat

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Chasae-rom = SK Telecom and SK Broadband announced on Wednesday that they will commercialize "Oksu Social VR" that allows users to watch video content with other participants in virtual reality.

SK Telecom reported that the combination of the various functions of the social community and media viewing in the VR space is a difficult attempt to find a case in Korea and abroad.
When one uses and connects to VR devices, one can enjoy and communicate contents of corn videos with other users.

The maximum number of people is eight. You can choose the kind of space and contents you want such as living room, movie theater, concert hall, sports room, eSports room, etc. and invite other people to visit.

Since it is a virtual space, unlike movie theaters or concert halls, you can talk as if you were watching the venue while watching the movie. You can feel a lively atmosphere of cheering when watching a performance or a sports event.

SK Telecom plans to add more space for various concepts in the future and allow users to decorate the space themselves.스포츠토토사이트추천

If you enter a virtual space, you can meet Avatar of each user. It is also free to look around 360 degrees from the first person's point of view and move to the controller.

SK Telecom applied for about 50 patents to implement natural virtual space and avatar behavior.

Avatar, which is applied with the "Tele Avatar Framework," naturally adapts to real people's eyes and gestures. Because gesture recognition technology is applied, popcorn can be thrown or cheer balloons can be shaken depending on user's movements.

In addition, the sound of 3D space is used to make the nearby avatar sound louder, and the sound is heard in the direction of the avatar's location.

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